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Pack Size: 1-2ml prefilled syringe

Strength: 15mg/ml

Manufacturer: Caregen

Accessories: Package insert, 2 traceability labels

B - Brand Name

Origin of Product: Europe

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Caregen Co., LTD, a Korean company, has introduced a unique bio revitalization gel - Revofil Aquashine Soft Filler, which is suitable for women from 30 years. Injections of this combination restore the skin firmness and smoothness, restore a smooth and healthy complexion, and narrow pores. The gel fills in with small defects and not deep wrinkles.

Can customers buy Revofil Aquashine Soft Filler online without a license?

Medi-Wholesale is an online shop of original and certified products. To buy Revofil Aquashine Soft Filler online in the USA, you must have a medical license or authorization for this procedure.

How high is the filler composition?

Revofil Aquashine Soft Filler deeply moisturizes skin cells and solves problems from the inside, ensuring a quality and long-lasting result. Purified hyaluronic acid accumulates moisture in the tissues of the dermis, thus activating it in the regeneration processes. Revofil Aquashine also includes:

  • 24 amino acids, which form the basis for the formation of new protein compounds.
  • Peptide complex and compounds of amino acids increase the elasticity of the skin and reduce the breakdown of hyaluronic acid.
  • 14 vitamins in gel act as antioxidant protection and provoke the growth of cells of dermis and epidermis.
  • 8 types of minerals accelerate metabolism inside cells.

Due to the stimulation of the growth of collagen fibers under the action of gel, the formation of fibroblasts. The skin is restored to a healthy appearance.

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When can I see the result after a procedure with Revofil Aquashine Soft Filler?

The effect of the application of the filler can be seen 24 hours after the introduction of the gel. The active substances interact with the skin cells instantly, but it takes time to start all the processes. Therefore, the qualitative result can be seen in about 14 days. The duration of the gel is up to 6 months. The drug will help rejuvenate the skin in the face, neck and décolleté. With the action of Revofil Aquashine, you can achieve the following results:

  • Deep dermal moisturizing,
  • Normalization of the production of intestinal fat,
  • Reduction of pigmentation,
  • Narrowing pores,
  • Maximum lifting effect,
  • Increasing skin elasticity,
  • Filling the shallow wrinkles,
  • Reducing the effects of couperose,
  • Improved blood circulation in tissues.
  • Soft filler is an effective drug in the complex treatment of skin dryness.

Our company is a supplier of the Revofil Aquashine Soft Filler in the USA. We deliver certified products that are FDA approved. The filler is completely safe for the body of the patient and does not cause serious adverse reactions.

Why can a doctor refuse a procedure?

The doctor should refuse the procedure if the patient has contraindications to the introduction of a filler. If before the procedure the patient has:

  • Pregnancy, lactation;
  • Oncology;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Diseases of the skin;
  • Acne;
  • Diabetes;
  • Blood coagulation problems;
  • Reception of anticoagulants;
  • Allergic reaction to the composition of the gel, then the doctor should refuse the procedure.

During the insertion of the gel, slight bruising and swelling may occur on the patient's skin. These symptoms will resolve on their own within 48 hours. During the 14-21 days after biorevitalization, it is recommended to avoid visiting the gym, sauna, swimming pool or solarium.

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