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Pack Size: 1-2ml prefilled syringe

Strength: 15mg/ml

Manufacturer: Caregen

Accessories: Package insert, 2 traceability labels

B - Brand Name

Origin of Product: Europe

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Aquashine BTX is based on purified hyaluronic acid. The gel has the unique effect of combining lifting and restoration. Aquashine BTX prevents the formation of wrinkles, strengthens blood vessels, increases skin turgor. Existing wrinkles will fill and even out the skin relief, and new ones will not appear due to the action of the gel inside.

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What is the effect of Aquashine BTX gel on facial muscles?

Korean manufacturer of fillers Aquashine BTX - Caregen Ltd - has combined two ways to combat wrinkles. Filler action blocks the movement of some muscles and interacts with skin cells. Instant results and high filler efficiency are available thanks to its unique composition. The composition of the filler includes:

A peptide complex that blocks cell excitability and reduces muscle contraction. It consists of oligopeptide-34 TGP-2, acetyl decapeptide-3 Regulin oligopeptide-24 EDP-3, oligopeptide-72 Bustin, oligopeptide-51 Purilux, oligopeptide-23.

The hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is at a concentration of 15 milligrams per gram. The active substance moisturizes the dermis and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Vitamins A, B, C, E, K make the skin radiant and beautiful.

Minerals protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment.

Coenzymes and amino acids provide for protein synthesis.

The unique cocktail stops the destruction of collagen fibers and elastin. The drug is made by organic technology and is fully biocompatible for the body. The filler is approved for use on the face, neck and décolleté area. The cost of Aquashine BTX can be obtained from your healthcare provider. Only certified specialists can buy a filler on the site.

What is the filler input technology?

There are two types of procedure duration that a patient can choose. The standard regimen includes 3 procedures at 30-day intervals, followed by injection once a year. The intensive scheme includes 6 sessions with a break of 14 days. After the procedure, you should avoid saunas, solarium, swimming pool, peels and laser treatments for 14-21 days. During this time, avoid sunlight. 

Biorevitalization with Aquashine BTX shows the following results:

  1. the skin becomes tightened and the oval face becomes clearer,
  2. the skin's elasticity is restored,
  3. decreasing traces of acne,
  4. the pores on the skin narrow and normalize the release of subcutaneous fat
  5. moisturizing the skin,
  6. regeneration processes in cells are restored,
  7. wrinkles disappear in the area of ​​the intercostal space, forehead, nasolabial folds, folds in the corners of the lips and on the chin,

The filler protects the skin from aging and damage.

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How long does it take to recover after a procedure?

After injection of Aquashine BTX, the injection may present slight irritation, redness, and slight bruising for 24-48 hours. These symptoms should go away without the intervention of a doctor. The gel is not indicated for patients under 20 years of age, due to the lack of evidence on the safety of the effect of the filler on the young body. It is forbidden to enter Aquashine during pregnancy, lactation, presence of autoimmune diseases, diabetes, blood clotting disorders, oncology, exacerbations of chronic diseases, high fever. The procedure should be postponed if the patient has skin lesions, dermal diseases, and purulent lesions. Before administering the gel, the patient's sensitivity to the product should be checked.

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