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Pack Size: 1-1ml prefilled syringe

Strength: 20mg/ml, 3mg/ml

Manufacturer: Galderma

Other Known Names: EMERVEL LIPS

Accessories: Package insert, 2-30G 1/2 needles, 2 traceability labels

B - Brand Name

Origin of Product: Europe

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Restylane Kysse gel is made based on high concentration hyaluronic acid - 20 milligrams per 1 milliliter. The Restylane Kysse filler will give your skin a healthy look and make it even more beautiful.

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Is the Restylane Kysse Lidocaine administration procedure painless?

Restylane Kysse filler is created using a unique technology - Optimal Balance Technology. This development provides a soft and long-lasting result. Due to the optimum gel density, the filler is easily inserted and evenly distributed under the skin. Restylane Kysse is slower to decay under the action of free radicals and retain their action longer. The effect of the procedure lasts from 6 to 12 months. The filler contains anesthetic - lidocaine 0.3%. Due to this substance, the procedure is painless and easy. The patient can relax, while the doctor introduces the product without any interruption.

Restylane Kysse for lips gives an extraordinarily beautiful and natural volume. However, thin lips skin will continue to need regular care and correction. Injections should be repeated at intervals of 6 months.

Supplier Restylane Kysse provides in the USA for our customers and delivers only FDA-approved genuine and certified products.

Stabilized hyaluronic acid of inorganic origin is fully biocompatible with dermal tissues and does not cause allergic reactions. The filler intended for internal input effectively copes with:

  • Volume and contour correction of the lip area;
  • Elimination of asymmetry of the mouth;
  • Filling the wrinkles in the mouth;
  • Dry skin.

What are the benefits of filler?

The first results after the introduction of the Restylane Kysse filler can be seen immediately after the procedure. But the result will be noticeable after the redness and minimal swelling go away. The advantage of this product is that it is suitable for all skin types.

Is there a possibility of side effects of the body?

The procedure of contouring plastic can only be performed by a certified specialist. Therefore, injections are only allowed in hospitals or specialists in out-of-hospital settings.

You can buy Restylane Kysse online on the Medi-Wholesale online store. To order, register on the site, select the product and fill out the necessary form. Also, you can contact our manager to help you with this. We provide our customers with only quality service and the best deals.

In order not to cause side effects of the body, the doctor should check the absence of the following diseases in the patient:

  • Allergy to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine,
  • Herpes,
  • Oncology,
  • Disorders associated with blood clotting,
  • Diabetes.

The injection should be discontinued if there is inflammation or purulent formation on the patient's skin. The contraindication is also a high fever or flu. Administration of Restylane Kysse during pregnancy or lactation is not confirmed by studies, so its effects are unknown.

After administration of Restylane injection, redness, slight swelling, pain or bruising may occur on the patient's skin. It may take several days for the skin to recover. But with proper care, these symptoms should go away quickly. The patient should follow their doctor's advice on skincare after the injection. Most of these are common rules that include:

  1. Prevention of herpes medication before the procedure;
  2. Avoiding alcohol and smoking;
  3. Avoidance of places with sharp change of temperature;
  4. Restriction of the visit to the pool, gym, solarium, or saunas;
  5. Refusal of solid, hot and spicy food for a certain period;
  6. Don`t apply mechanical pressure to the injected area;
  7. Avoid direct sunlight.

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