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Pack Size: 1-1.5ml prefilled syringe

Manufacturer: Merz Pharma

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Origin of Product: Europe

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Radiesse is an injectable filler which is used to lasts longer than other fillers which rely on hyaluronic acid, due its unique properties in being steadily dissolved into the body. This product has a long lasting up to 18 months. Lidocaine helps to administer Radiesse without any pain due to its smooth consistency.
Medi-Wholesale offers this product only for customers with medical license as it can be administrated only by a healthcare professional.
The main ingredients of Radiesse are glycerin and sodium carboxymethylcellulose, calcium hydroxylapatite and water. Medical professionals use this product to reducing smile wrinkles at the corner of the lips, treating scars resulting from skin problems such as acne. Also, to inimising the fold between the mouth and nose area and correcting nose bumps and chin dents.
Do not use Radiesse if your patient has allergic reactions to any ingredients of this this product.

Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler. It is an excellent alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers for the dermis. It is produced on the basis of HAP and the calcium substance which is indispensable for the teeth and bone tissue. The preparation is widely used in contour plasty in order to smooth out wrinkles, add volume to the cheekbones and cheeks and form the shape of the chin. As a Radiesse supplier, we seek to respond to the demand, so we propose to buy Radiesse online wholesale.

General Description

The intracutaneous implant appeared on the market in the distant 1995 (America). The first manufacturer of this preparation was Merz Pharma. In the beginning, the preparation was used in order to restore the lost volume in the face in patients who had been given a diagnosis of AIDS. Along with this, the use of the preparation was practised in the cosmetic, surgical and urological fields.

At present the preparation is indispensable in cosmetology. It has a pronounced and rejuvenating effect, which has been tested by the world’s best celebrities. The filler looks like a foam white suspension. It is sold in 1.5 ml syringes. The composition is used for most manipulations. There are also syringes of smaller volumes for smoothing out wrinkles of small and medium sizes.

Two Phases of Filler Action

The product contains the main active ingredient ‒ hydroxyapatite (30%) and the gel carrier (70%). It takes an effect in two stages.

1. The implant inside the skin works just like a classic filler. That is, it fills in the voids under the skin and adds volume in problem areas. After this procedure, the result is achieved by 80%.

2. Two-three weeks after the procedure due to the action of HAP in the tissue areas, collagen fibers are formed by 20%. Later on, they maintain the volume even after the gel is resolved.

As a result of these processes, the effect lasts more than a year. And if you undergo a second correction, the effect will last one and a half years.

Great Advantages at a Tolerable Radiesse Price

By using Radiesse you can solve an extensive complex of cosmetic problems. 1. Have a facelift.

2. Form the volume in the cheekbones, chin and cheeks.

3. Correct the nose shape.

4. Smooth out wrinkles and folds of any depth.

5. Get rid of scars.

6. Raise the tips of the eyebrows.

The preparation is used in the area of the ears, face and hands. The filler is not applied to the lips, nor is it used to remove facial wrinkles.

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Mode of Application

The preparation is introduced into the deep skin layers and their border areas. It is not introduced into the epidermis. After the injections, the doctor is obliged to give a massage. The preparation is recommended for patients of 35-60 years old.

Before You BUY Radiesse Online: Restrictions on Use

· Carrying of a pregnancy

· Breastfeeding period

· Being aged under 18

· Hypersensitivity to the preparation

· Autoimmune pathological processes

· Chronic diseases in severe forms

· Blood clotting disorders

· Inflammatory processes on the skin

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