NEAUVIA™ Organic Intense Flux

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Pack Size: 1-1ml syringe

Manufacturer: Matex Lab

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Origin of Product: Europe

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Neauvia Organic Intense Flux filler has low viscosity and high biointegration and is used for the regeneration of damaged tissues. The high level of Intense Flux stitching helps the filler to adapt to the patient's bends. The effect of the product lasts up to 18 months.

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What is hyaluronic acid that is part of the product is made of?

Hyaluronic acid, which is part of a product of non-animal origin, is made from strains of streptococcus bacteria. The active substance undergoes many manufacturing steps before it enters the patient's skin. In the laboratory, hyaluronic acid is purified several times, making it fully compatible with the body. The protective effect of PEG can mask the implant from the host organism, reducing the risk of an immunological response and the formation of side effects. PEG makes Neauvia fillers the first and the only BIOMIMETIC fillers worldwide. The gel also contains lidocaine, as an anesthetic, to maximally relax the patient's facial expressions during the procedure.

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What's the Gel Feature?

Neauvia Fillers have a unique hydrogel matrix technology that includes:

  1. The cohesion of hyaluronic acid molecules;
  2. Viscosity and elasticity of the gel;
  3. Plasticity of the product whereby the gel adapts to the natural face shape;
  4. Versatility;

The gel effectively fills the wrinkles of medium and heavy extent, restores skin tug, suitable for volumetric correction of the face. Filler action also extends to the modeling of the chin and cheeks.

Is it possible to undergo the procedure while taking antibiotics?

Before you go through the Neauvia injection procedure, consult your doctor and find out the Neauvia Organic Intense Flux filler price. It is forbidden to enter the filler if the patient is allergic to the substance of the product, pregnant or autoimmune.

The doctor should refuse the procedure if the patient has:

  1. Skin infections
  2. The tendency to form scars
  3. Violation of blood coagulation

If the patient is taking antibiotics, then the procedure should be rescheduled to another day because antibiotic substances may reduce the effect of the gel. The patient should carefully listen to all the doctor's recommendations for skincare. If you do not adhere to them then the result will be much shorter.

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