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Pack Size: 2-0.55ml prefilled syringes

Strength: 24mg/ml, 3mg/ml

Manufacturer: Allergan

Accessories: Package insert, 2-30G 1/2” needles, 4 traceability labels

B - Brand Name

Origin of Product: Europe

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Juvederm Ultra Smile filler which is made based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. It is a single-phase gel with good viscosity and specially designed for bulk lip forming. It also contains lidocaine for comfortable administration.

Where to buy Juvederm Ultra Smile online?

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What are the benefits of Juvederm Ultra Smile?

  1. The composition of the product is designed so that the body perfectly perceives the gel of non-native origin and does not appear rejection, as well as completely biodegrade over time under the influence of natural hyaluronidase.
  2. Although the effect of the product depends on the individual characteristics of the body, the duration of Juvederm Ultra Smile is from 3 to 12 months.
  3. Due to its soft monogenous structure, the product is easily introduced by a specialist, leaving only a qualitative and natural result. However, it is important to keep in mind the dosage of the product, as excessive amounts of it may cause hydration at the injection site.
  4. The gel is very plastic, allowing you to adjust the shape even after the introduction of a certain amount of product.

Which areas can be used Juvederm Ultra Smile?

Juvederm Ultra Smile used for the following areas:

  1. Correction of vertical wrinkles around the lip area and correction of the corners of the lips.
  2. Lip shape restoration.
  3. Corrections of the shape of the lips taking into account the increase in their volume and smoothing of the surface, providing moisture.
  4. It is rarely possible to use for the chin and cheek area, but these are isolated cases.

It should be remembered that the result after the introduction of the filler is noticeable in 3-4 days.

What not to do after and before the injection Juvederm Ultra Smile?

Always consult with a specialist before taking the product and have a test injection to see if there are any allergic reactions or excessive swelling. Gel is strictly forbidden to enter into vessels, muscles and the eyelid. Irritation (minor), redness (light), slight bruising, and low heat at the injection site may be given after injection. If the symptoms persist within 5-7 days, consult a specialist. If you have fungal and infectious diseases, you should postpone the procedure to your full recovery.

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About Juvederm Ultra Smile

Juvederm Ultra Smile is an injectable filler which is used to give a natural result to the patient skin. The high quality of this product no one will guess anything has even been done. Juvederm Ultra Smile is made by Allergan. Medi-Wholesale offers this product only for customers with the medical license as it can be administrated only by a healthcare professional.

The package of Juvederm Ultra Smile contains 2 prefilled syringes 0.55ml each. Hyaluronic Acid is the main ingredient of all the Juvederms. HA is a substance found in the human body. As we get older and our metabolism slows down, replacement of HA is less often which results in less hydrated skin and less volume in the skin. Medical professionals use Hyaluronic Acid to make the skin looks like at a younger age.

Juvederm Ultra Smile is used to create natural, smooth, beautiful lips.

All the range Juvederm containing lidocaine and can be administered without any pain due to its smooth consistency.

Do not use this product if the patient has allergic reactions to any of the ingredients. Also, the treatment should not be used in conjunction with any skin treatments including laser or dear abrasion treatment.

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