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Pack Size: 2-1ml prefilled syringes

Strength: 24mg/ml, 3mg

Manufacturer: Allergan

Other Known Names: Juvederm Ultra 3

Accessories: Package insert, 4-27G 1/2

B - Brand Name

Origin of Product: Europe

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Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is a hyaluronic acid-based filler of non-native origin that is used to fill and correct lips and cheeks, as well as to fill small wrinkles on the face and neck. You can also use it for hand injections. The product includes hyaluronic acid and a certain percentage of lidocaine, making the procedure more comfortable. When the hyaluronic acid gel enters the injection site, it gives a great volume. The product is very convenient when introduced, does not accumulate and it does not spread. Injection with the product is quite fast, does not take long, the result is noticeable 12 hours after the procedure.

What is Juvederm Ultra plus xc cost and how to buy Juvederm Ultra plus xc online in USA?

You can buy Juvederm Ultra plus xc online individually or wholesale at the Medi Wholesale online store. The supplier guarantees you quality products and fast delivery. A large range of Medi Wholesale allows you to choose a product for comfortable pricing policy. Juvederm Ultra plus xc supplier will help you choose the right product and the best way for you to deliver it. The Medi Wholesale online store supplies products worldwide, so you can place your order in different regions.

Where to inject Juvederm Ultra Plus XC?

Juvederm Ultra plus xc for lips can be used when you want to change:

  1. lip shape;
  2. lip volume;
  3. elimination of small wrinkles around lips;
  4. lip contour changes;
  5. moisturizing dry lips;

Juvederm Ultra plus xc for cheeks:

  1. skin tightening;
  2. smoothing wrinkles in the area;
  3. minimal change of volume of the given zone;

What side effects the Juvederm Ultra plus xc can cause?

Before going through the procedure, you should consult with a specialist and determine if there are any risks of allergic reactions to the product composition. You cannot use the product when you are ill. It is forbidden to introduce the product during pregnancy and children. Injections should not be given in places where viral and fungal infections are present. If reactions such as redness, edema, itching, pain or fever occur more than 30 hours after the introduction of the product, consult a specialist. Allergic reactions after the use of this product occur very rarely because its composition is only organic products.

About Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is an injectable filler which is used to give a natural result to the patient skin. The high quality of this product no one will guess anything has even been done.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is made by Allergan. Medi-Wholesale offers this product only for customers with medical license as it can be administrated only by a healthcare professional. The package of Juvederm Plus XC contains 2 prefilled syringes 1ml each. Hyaluronic Acid is a main ingredient of all Juvederms. HA is substance found in human body. As we get older and our metabolism slows down, replacement of HA is less often which results in less hydrated skin and less volume in the skin. Medical professionals use Hyaluronic Acid to make the skin looks like in a younger age.

Juvederm Ultra XC can be used to treat regions of face affected by medium wrinkles like the cheeks and perioral areas. The appearance of the lips can also be augmented according to the patient’s preference.

All Juvederms containing lidocaine and can be administered without any pain due to its smooth consistency.

Do not use this product if the patient has allergic reactions to any of the ingredients. Also, the treatment should not be used in conjunction with any skin treatments including laser or dear abrasion treatment.

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