Radiesse – the Power of Perfection

Radiesse dermal filler is a special calcium-based medicine. It provides non-surgical face lifting and is used for long-term wrinkle correction. The remedy stimulates the process of collagen production. The main advantage of Radiesse is the acting term. While hyaluronic acid-based fillers are effective 4-9 months, this product will be applicative for 12-15 and more. It is a safe and highly-tested medicine that does not cause a tissues’ inflammation and completely eliminates from the body. It is always available: you can buy Radiesse online at any time of day.

Radiesse Dermal Filler – How It Works

The main acting Radiesse’s substance is synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres included in the aqueous gel.

Calcium hydroxyapatite particles are obtained from the initial substance grains smaller than microns. These grains are joined under high-temperature processing into microspheres. The particles have the same form and size and vary from 25 to 45 microns in diameter. They consist of natural components similar to human teeth and bones. That makes the procedure safe and biocompatible. And the main application of the Radiesse gel is holding those microspheres together. Radiesse skin injections cause the following complex effect:

  • Fast and immediate correction. The drug begins to act immediately after injection. It fills up the natural volume and instantly smoothes the wrinkles.
  • Stimulation of the collagen production. The effect becomes visible after 2-3 months. Calcium microspheres particles stimulate the new collagen production and the skin surface becomes smoother.
  • Lifting and contour recovery. The cells in the skin produce collagen, forming a new dermal matrix. In a combination with calcium hydroxyapatite, this new tissue provides long-term structural support and cause longer effect duration. Due to this the Radiesse’s action lasts from one to two years.

Radiesse is characterized by the highest level of biocompatibility therefore, it doesn’t cause side effects. It provides a long-term beauty correction, qualitative skin lifting and faces contour recovery.

Thanks to Radiesse there no need to use the services of plastic surgeons ‘cause these injections can solve a wide range of skin problems. These include:

  • cheekbones and cheeks volumes restoration;
  • hands rejuvenation;
  • back of the nose correction;
  • face oval and chin correction;
  • nasolabial folds and puppet wrinkles elimination.

Where to Buy Radiesse Online

Radiesse received positive reviews both among cosmetologists and plastic surgeons and among patients from all around the world. More than twenty years this preparation is used for medical purposes. Such experience is qualitative evidence of effectiveness and safety.

Depending on the injection purpose and pack size there are several types of the remedy. And the Radiesse filler price depends on it. From the official Radiesse supplier website you can buy the product in the following prices:

  • Radiesse 0.8 ml ($169 USD)
  • Radiesse 1.5 ml ($225 USD)
  • Radiesse (+) 1.5 ml w/ Lidocaine ($264 USD)
  • Radiesse (+) 0.8 ml w/ Lidocaine ($209 USD)

Besides the previous info made you evaluate the quality of the drug, that’s not all. For those who need more than 5 packs, there’s an advantageous sale’s system. Buy Radiesse wholesale and get the product cheaper. For example, if you buy Radiesse (+) 0.8 ml w/ Lidocaine, you pay $209 USD per one. But if your purchase is from 6 to 10 packages, the complete price will be $199.00 USD. In accordance to this - 11 - 20 for $194.00 USD and 21+ for $188.00 USD.

Whoever you are (dermatologist, cosmetologist, plastic surgeon or a person who just wants to return the previous beauty), take a glance at it now and have thankful and happy clients tomorrow.